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The Data Initiative is pleased to announce and welcome the initial advisory board (AB) members to its growing team.

Introducing The Data Initiative’s initial four-member board:

Nicolas Chaumartin joins the AB as an executive at IDEMIA with deep expertise in software and product development/management. Chaumartin is on the cutting edge of mobile and offers deep insights from a technical practitioner perspective along with his insights as a strategic business operator. “We are very excited to launch this venture in the fast developing space of AML,” said Chaumartin. “Our mission is to bring as much innovation and value as possible to turn AML compliance investments into business assets and customer satisfaction.”

Barry Cordero joins the AB as an executive at Medtronic Diabetes with deep expertise in strategy and process optimization. Cordero operates in a strategic market and offers insights from a business process optimization and management perspective. “I am very excited to be a part of this tremendous initiative because of my passion around problem solving. It is rare to see such an elegant approach to complicated problems,” said Cordero.

Dr. John Hatzadony joins the AB as the founding Program Chair of Homeland Security and Director of the Master of Science in Intelligence Analysis at Rabdan Academy. Dr. Hatzadony is a former intelligence professional and accomplished academic offering key insights in research methodologies, analytic technique, and subject matter expertise pertaining to illicit finance.

David Caruso joins the AB as a 15+ year c-suite executive from Anti-Money Laundering (AML) consulting and RegTech companies as well as a Partner at i3strategies. Caruso is a well-known thought leader in the financial crimes/AML space and offers a unique perspective of an industry executive/advisor/solutions provider. “The Data Initiative is at the forefront of improving how AML professionals work. We want compliance officers focused on what matters most, by slashing time they waste searching for information,” said Caruso.

Vic Maculaitis, the company’s founder, aimed to surround the startup with a diverse collection of talent and experience to develop strategy and facilitate growth quickly at The Data Initiative. “I couldn’t be more pleased for the composition of our initial AB, really talented and experienced advisors! Grateful that they have taken the time and believe in the vision and mission,” said Maculaitis.

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THE DATA INITIATIVE is an early stage startup headquartered in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The data and technology company is growing quickly with over 30 team members across North America. The company’s first offering, ignitionX + 100 Series Money Laundering Data Pack, was released commercially in June 2019, with adopters already signed. THE DATA INITIATIVE is a company focused on building great products and applications purposed for good.

For more information about THE DATA INITIATIVE visit https://www.thedatainitiative.com.


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