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THE DATA INITIATIVE Launches new data products focused on cannabis laws, regulations, and risk.

PHOENIXMay 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — THE DATA INITIATIVE announces the launch of the Cannabis Data Pack, the most unified and logically organized library of federal and state data used to understand risks and regulations associated with cannabis. Part of the Special Series line of data products, the Cannabis Data Pack allows users to access authoritative laws and regulations; licensing requirements; enforcement activities; and state-by-state risk profiles all in one place.

The Cannabis Data Pack is now live and accessible as part of the recent version 1.3 software release of ignitionX®. It is also accessible via API through a developer’s portal. Subscriptions and licenses can be obtained by both individuals and enterprises.

The new offering has been highly sought after as a solution for financial services firms, professional services providers, payment providers, professional associations, and cannabis operators; the Cannabis Data Pack offers a single source of truth and easily accessible knowledge for those operating in a complex and risky environment.

In less than nine months in market, THE DATA INITIATIVE has delivered on three highly unique data packs comprising 14 data products and 24 underlying data sets. Additionally, THE DATA INITIATIVE has brought four commercial iterations of ignitionX®, its SaaS cloud-based web application, along with recently launching an iOS mobile app, called aurora (download in the Apple App Store).

“There has certainly been a lot of excitement around this new product launch. Compliance and general risk management in the cannabis space is tricky and we have made a big investment in taking the guesswork out of operating in a high-risk environment. Aside from our initial offering in the Money Laundering Data Pack, we have delivered on right now issue sets, like virtual currency and now cannabis, with modern unique solutions. It is a testament to our ability to execute as an early stage startup.” said Vic Maculaitis, founder and chief executive at THE DATA INITIATIVE.

THE DATA INITIATIVE imagines, builds, and delivers modern data products and applications purposed to fight financial crimes smarter. After successfully launching the 100 Series Money Laundering Data Pack + ignitionX (web application) in 2019, along with the Special Series Virtual Currency Data Pack, and now aurora, THE DATA INITIATIVE will announce more new product releases over the first quarter of 2020.

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THE DATA INITIATIVE is an early stage startup headquartered in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The data and technology company is growing quickly with over 30 team members across North America. The company’s first offering, ignitionX + 100 Series Money Laundering Data Pack, was released commercially in June 2019, with adopters already signed. THE DATA INITIATIVE is a company focused on building great products and applications purposed for good.

For more information about THE DATA INITIATIVE visit https://www.thedatainitiative.com.


Vic Maculaitis, CAMS
Founder and Chief Executive
vic@thedatainitiative.com | 480-909-8191