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THE DATA INITIATIVE is an early stage data and technology startup that imagines and delivers new solutions by exploiting public domain data

PHOENIX, Aug. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — THE DATA INITIATIVE is excited to announce it was recognized by Money20/20 USA as a top 100 startup. The recognition comes with being selected into the Money20/20 Startup Academy Class of 2019.

The 2019 class is a distinguished class of disrupters amongst the financial, regulatory, and payments technology space. This is the second ever class recognized by Money20/20 USA. The 2019 class was selected by an 11-person panel of advisors from well-known organizations and firms such as the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation, 500 Startups, and BB&T Ventures.

After launching a first-to-market data/software-as-a-service platform in June, THE DATA INITIATIVE signed adopters early on. The platform, ignitionX, is a cloud-based application that unifies and displays critical money laundering data for financial crimes risk and compliance professionals. The platform eliminates laborious research giving users the ability to quickly and effectively decision high stakes financial crime matters. ignitionX was built on the widely accepted notion that better, more modern tools are needed to combat financial crimes. THE DATA INITIATIVE is committed to building them. Learn more about these exciting solutions at https://www.thedatainitiative.com/#solutions.

“Being recognized by Money20/20 USA and given amazing exposure at one of the world’s largest and coolest shows is quite an honor and a testament to our progress and accomplishments to date. We are excited to exhibit and represent the Phoenix startup community on a big stage in Las Vegas this fall,” Vic Maculaitis, founder and chief executive at THE DATA INITIATIVE.

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THE DATA INITIATIVE is an early stage startup headquartered in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The data and technology company is growing quickly with over 30 team members across North America. The company’s first offering, ignitionX + 100 Series Money Laundering Data Pack, was released commercially in June 2019, with adopters already signed. THE DATA INITIATIVE is a company focused on building great products and applications purposed for good.

For more information about THE DATA INITIATIVE visit https://www.thedatainitiative.com.


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